ISSN 2225-7551

№1 (77), 2015 Technical series

1. Baliunov Oleksii — Studies of the magnetic-elastic state of the cylindrical panel depending on the radius.
2. Bolotov Maksym, Hanieiev Tymur, Pribytko Iryna — Research of mechanical properties and structural heterogeneity of brick.
3. Pasov Hennadii, Venzheha Volodymyr — Animation simulation of ball-screw gears that are used to create rectilinear translational motion.

4. Bondar Еlena, Kurmakova Irina, Makey Аleksandr — Inhibition action of aloe vera and compositions on its basis under mild steel corrosion.
5. Gorbenko Petr, Kovtun Anatoliy, Rogoza Аleksandr, Sholomiy Yuriy — The thermoluminescence of kcl and kcl:licl crystals irradiated by x-rays.
6. Komakha Volodymyr, Sviderskyi Valentyn — Energy properties of modified carbonate fillers surface.

7. Voytenko Volodymyr, Rudakov Serhii — Cardiac activity determination with hemodialysis machine`s integrated pressure sensor.
8. Mishchenko Аndreiі — Information security questions in aspects of improving the objective efficiency of air transport.
9. Nezhurіn Vadim, Abramov Sergey — Improvement of furnaces of resource-saving technologies in the conditions of machinery production.
10. Rudyk Andrii, Venzheha Volodymyr, Rudyk Vladyslav — The productivity of highly effective longitudinal deep grinding of rotation surfaces by side of the tool and by butt end of the turned abrasive instrument.
11. Derkach Oleh — Calculation of transient vibrations of a vehicle with active piezoelectric patches subgected to random kinematic perturbations.

12. Lavrova Еlena — Development of a universal kinematic scheme of the device for submerged arc welding with strip electrode with controlled electrode metal transfer.

13. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Kharchenko Maryna — Managing web-portals and their properties.
14. Lytvynov Vitaliy, Bohdan Irina — The automated system of verification of the object-oriented software models.
15. Dvoiehlazova Maryna — Research of process of functioning of the integrated information systems of the enterprise and the project.
16. Zaritskyi Oleh, Sudik Volodymyr — Classification of modern information systems modeling and human resources management.
17. Kriachok Serhii — Adjustment of traverse networks, built by counter moves.
18. Nesterenko Serhii — The algorithm for polygonal networks of cross-linking.
19. Solomakha Valerii, Verovko Mariіa, Solomakha Iryna — The study of algorithms for symmetric cryptosystems.
20. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Karpachev Ihor — Functional security in an android mobile architecture.
21. Lytvynov Vitaliy, Skakalina О.V. — Methods of fuzzy logic to minimize the risks of it-projects.

22. Husev Oleksandr — The model of three-level quasi-z-source inverter for a small signal.
23. Мyhailenko Vladyslav, Sapehin Аnatolii, Оstapchuk Yuliia, Кunyk Yuliia — Study of elektromagnetic processes in semiconductor converter with six zoned regulation of the output voltage at account of the losses in key element.
24. Мyhailenko Vladyslav, Chuniak Yuliia, Оstapchuk Yuliia, Nikolaieva Kateryna — Analysis of the electromagnetic processes in semiconductor converter with sixteen zone by regulation of the output voltage.
25. Prystupa Anatolii, Haliuha Andrii — Evaluation of existing methods of calculation of technological electric power losses in distributive electric networks.
26. Revko Anatolii, Hrozov Serhii — Current stabilizers on the basic of quasi-resonant converters.
27. Kulik Bohdan — Control algorithm of reactive power compensation artificial means in existing electric system.

28. Prytulska Nataliia, Antiushko Dmytro, Kuchynska Anna — Studying of physico-chemical parameters changes of products for enteral nutrition.
29. Нumenіuk Оksana, Кseniuk Мariia, Zhurok Іryna, Dorozhynska Мaryna — Development of bread recipes using flaxseed meal.
30. Kupchik Elena, Buyalska Nataliya — Determination of heavy metals in tea by stripping voltammetry.

31. Kvashuk Yuliia, Syza Olha, Savchenko Olesia — Plant extracts in anticorrosive protection of water supply systems.
32. Krupko Vitalii, Klintsov Leonid — Monitoring the status of land resources to use them effectively.
33. Zatserkovnyi V.I. — Use of geoinformation technologies for monitoring of hunting sector conditions.