ISSN 2225-7551

№3 (67), 2013 Technical series

1. Kosolap А.I. — Mathematical modeling and global optimization.
2. Poluyan A.V., Pilipenko O.I. — Comparative analysis of the dynamics of a chain transmission in metal and polymer design.
3. Kosmach Oleksandr, Filonenko Serhii — Simulation of acoustic emission signals at friction and wearing of surfaces from composite materials.
4. Hrytsiuk V.Yu. — Body movement along a beam taking into account the defects of a beam’s surface.
5. Cherednikov О.М., Borysov O.O., Semenyako O.H. — Technological quality assurance of low rigidity rings in processing by surface plastic deformation.
6. Samchuk V.V. — The quality improvement of holes in casegoods made of polymeric composite materials (pcm) while mechanical processing.
7. Derkach Oleh, Dubenets V.H., Savchenko O.V. — Nonstationary vibrations of a beam with electro-viscoelastic dissipative patches.

8. Savchenko Olesia, Kvashuk Yuliia, Syza Olha — Mechanism of corrosion inhibitors based on vegetable raw materials.
9. Kupchik Elena — The sonding of modified surface of c18 reichardts indicators in mlc conditions.
10. Satukov A.I., Ushakov V.G., Prystupa Anatolii — Influence of x-rays on some properties of doped germanium copper.
11. Kolesnyk Yе.V., Klymenko А.V., Sytar V.I. — Research and selection of the optimal technological parameters of phenylone coatings formation.
12. Homelya M.D., Petrychenko A.I., Trus I.M. — Desalination of reverse osmosis permeates neutralization with pretreatment at acidic cation-exchange resin.

13. Kalchenko D.V., Kalchenko Vitaliy — Module 3d design of instruments, the process of removal of assumption and formeducation, at polishing with the crossed axes of step billow and circle.
14. Shelepko О.V., Sapon Serhii, Kyrychenko А.M. — Kinematics of five-axis parallel manipulator.
15. Fedorynenko Dmytro — Analysis of the accuracy of machining with adjustable spindle hydrostatical supports.
16. Kovrov О.М., Yeroshenko А.М. — Integrated use of cad/cam/cae systems in the design and manufacture of injection mold for molding parts with complex curvilinear surfaces.
17. Kozlenko M.I. — The analysis of spectral and statistical characteristics of autonomous mobile robot tilt sensor signal.
18. Kobrynets A.K., Khomenko I.M. — Modeling of hydrodynamic processes in radial slider bearing.
19. Boyko S.V., Dzyuba Dmytro — Problems of the removing mid spatial frequency features for producing large optics.

20. Petrushynets L.V., Falchenko Yu.V., Kharchenko Н.K. — Features of diffusion welding in vacuum of intermetallic alloy based on γ-tial.
21. Berdnikova O.M., Sydorets V.M., Khaskin V.Yu., Bushma O.I. — Technological features of high-speed laser-plasma welding of thin sheet products.

22. Neskhoziievskiy A.V., Neskhoziievska T.M., Kyrychok P.О. — Processes automatization of quality management in printing equipment.
23. Treityak Viacheslav, Tolbatov S.V., Pavlenko P.M. — Model of criterion of efficiency of modern methods of analysis of works.
24. Zarovskyi R.V. — Technical architecture of the system of management automation in the agricultural company.
25. Kryvoberets S.V., Zatserkovnyi V.I. — The analysis of the possibility of increase of efficiency of agricultural production at the application of gis in the tasks of management.
26. Nikitenko E.V. — Analysis of diagnostic methods on the functional blocks level.
27. Skakalina О.V. — Organization of efficient performanse of queries in relational dbms.
28. Kozіakov Serhii — Definition model of motivation types of it professional of an industrial enterprise.
29. Kudrіashov A.A. — Zigbee positioning based on the signal time of flight.
30. Balchenko I.V., Klymenko V.P., Lytvynov Vitaliy — Features of information technologies of farm management.
31. Grechaninov V.F., Kazymyr Volodymyr — The main features of resourse relocation algorithms for reaction on dangerous situations.

32. Horodniy O.M., Boyko S.M., Mykhailychenko D.A., Sinchyk O.M. — Features of operation of the autonomous wind-power installation in the underground mine iron workings or mines.
33. Yandulskyi O.S., Matseyko V.V., Marchenko A.A., Khomenko O.V. — Increase of efficiency of work of the central regulator sаrchp in regulating the frequency of the power flows in the oes of ukraine.
34. Synenko M.A. — The effective tensor of dielectric permittivity of vertically aligned ferroelectric liquid crystals with deformed helix.

35. Кhikmet Nazim oglu Mamedov, Nazif Badalov, Tcibulіa S.D. — The integral information system of identification of the sea surface pollutoin of caspian sea.
36. Yefimenko N.А. — Design of flowsheets of control of quality of mixed fodder productions.
37. Rakova V.P., Kudinova O.V. — Improvement of spreds assortment with enhanceable biological value.
38. Pavlenko N.V., Molchenko Yu.A., Savchenko Olesia, Cheliabiieva Viktoriia — Study of the antimicrobial effect of food supplements with natural biocidal properties.
39. Kuchynska Anna — The scientific principles for the selection of vegetable raw material to increase the nutritional value of beer.
40. Ivanyshyn V.А., Buhai V.H., Penkovets О.О. — Results of geological and engineering surveys for apartment and underground parking building: physical and mechanical properties of ground according to the results of static penetration test.