ISSN 2225-7551

№1 (71), 2014 Technical series

1. Iskovych-Lototskyi R.D., Obertiuh R.R., Miskov V.P., Slabkyi A.V. — Measuring complex of vibro-hammers with elektrohydraulic control .
2. Hrytsiuk V.Yu. — Unequal motion of a body along a beam.
3. Kolesnyk Yе.V., Fedin D.O., Zhezniakovskyi I.M. — Determination of resudual stresses in electrodeposited coatings with the use of a model sample.
4. Barbash M.I. — Architectural design optimization.
5. Ihnatenko A.S. — Method for determining of viscoelastic structure reaction to thermal impulses.
6. Makatуora D.A., Pаnаsyuk І.V. — Determination of linear force of monolithic rubber cutting by the knife with one-sided grinding.
7. Dubenets V.H., Savchenko O.V., Derkach Oleh — Active damping of nonstationary vibrations in a beam with electro-viscoelastic patches.

8. Homelya M.D., Trus I.M., Shabliy T.O. — Electrodialysis desalination of high-hardness solutions.
9. Denisenko T.M. — Research of modern technologies of plastics products processing.
10. Denisova N.M., Buyalska Nataliya — The calculation of social and economic efficiency of decisions on improvement of working conditions during formation of polyamide yarns.
11. Kosmach Oleksandr — Spectral analysis of acoustic emission model signals under load changes of friction units from composite materials.
12. Tairova T.M. — The mathematical model of gravity coefficient of occupational injuries in chemical industry.
13. Vorobiova V.I., Chyhyrynets O.E., Fatieiev Yu.F., Tatarchenko H.O. — Features of formation of protective films on the metal surface from the vapor phase of the hop cones extract.

14. Kalchenko Vitaliy, Kalchenko Vladimir, Yeroshenko А.М., Kolohoida A.V. — 3d modeling of grinding of needle sets of drums and rollers of textile machines.
15. Fedorynenko Dmytro — The pressure in the chambers of radial hydrostatic bearings with regard to non-ideal geometry of the flow part.
16. Venzheha Volodymyr, Rudyk Andrii, Pasov Hennadii — Influence of processing of end surfaces of car compression springs on their reliablity and durability.
17. Tarandushka L.A., Tarandushka I.P. — The technolodgy monitoring of guality indexes of cars technical main tenance and repair guality.
18. Tkachuk V.V. — Safety of biodiesel fuel.
19. Veremei Gennadiy — The mathematical model of formation of the overhauled valve-seat surfaces in the valve timing gear.
20. Boiko I.A., Solokha V.V., Ivshchenko L.I. — Dynamic analysis of 5-axis milling centre turntable.

21. Bolotov H.P., Bolotov Maksym, Rudenko M.M. — Control of energy characteristics of a glow discharge in terms of diffusion welding.
22. Pentegov I.V., Rymar S.V., Sydorets V.M., Zhernosekov A.M. — Efficiency of electrode melting in different types of the arc welding.
23. Berezin L.Y., Hanieiev Tymur — Features of welding technology of copper-aluminum-sitall units.
24. Lavrova Еlena — Development of the device for submerged arc welding with strip electrode with controlled electrode metal transfer.
25. Milenin A.S., Velikoivanenko Ye.A., Rozynka G.P., Pivtorak N.I. — Analysis of pipeline element limit state at welding surfacing of local thinning defect.

26. Kuzovyk V.D., Hordieiev A.D. — Planning methodology of experimental researchers of psychophysiological state of the brain.
27. Moshel M.V., Rogoza Аleksandr, Kovtun Anatoliy — Termodielektryk effect in liquid crystals.
28. Marhasov D.V. — The information technologies in the monitoring of energy saving of chernihiv municipal buildings.
29. Novokhatska Ye.A., Kungurtsev A.B. — Formation of tokens in query grouping in the method of incremental maintenance of materialized views.

30. Sеnko V.I., Мyhailenko Vladyslav — Analysis of the electromagnetic processes in circuits with semiconductor converters of the three-phase voltage in constant with five zoned regulations of the output voltage.
31. Lapa M.V., Mospan I.V., Tereshchenko I.A. — Prognostication of the residual life of technical means of physical protection of nuclear power plants.
32. Kosenko R.A. — Modeling of induction motor vector control.

33. Ditrikh I.V., Marchenko Yu.I. — The study of consumer properties of new fish preserves in orange sauce «neptun».
34. Molokanova L.V., Kvasnikov V.P. — Characteristics of natural dyes from dogwood and blackthorn for sausage manufacturing.
35. Tkachenko T.I. — The system of monitoring of the security and quality assurance of mixed feed production.