ISSN 2225-7551

№2 (78), 2015 Technical series

1. Kuznetsov Yurii, Prydalnyi Borys, Hamuiela J. A. Herra — New approach to the description and synthesis of drives of mechanism of manipulating objects in technological equipment.
2. Anastasenko Serhii, Hryhurko Ivan, Oshovskyi Viktor — Ensuring durability of surfaces of teeth of the pinion gear and hollows of splines on the shaft – pinion gears by the method of surface strengthening of the detail by stamping.
3. Baryliuk Yevhen, Zaionchkovskyi Hennadii — Decreasing dynamic loads and wear intensity of elements of compact-sized electromagnetic valves.

4. Burya Аleksandr, Yeremina Yekaterina — Effect of the content of bronze on the wear resistance of the aromatic polyamide phenylone.
5. Burya Аleksandr, Naberezhnaya Olga, Peremitko Valeriy — Effect of organic fibers content on the tribological properties of composites based on phenylone.
6. Korolev Aleksandr — Intensification of the esterification of glycerol.
7. Filonenko Serhii, Nimchenko Tetiana — Simulation of acoustic emission in composite material machining with regard to its physical and mechanical characteristics.

8. Kalchenko Vitaliy, Kalchenko Vladimir, Veremei Gennadiy, Sliednikova Еlena — Модульне 3d-моделювання інструментів, процесу зняття припуску та формоутворення під час розточування сідел клапанів орієнтованою пластинкою.
9. Tikhenko Valentin, Startsev Vladimir, Anisimov Aleksey, Pchelinskiy Sergey — Vibrodiagnostics of a machine tool for processing of wheel pairs.
10. Fedorynenko Dmytro — The energy efficiency of machine tools.
11. Fedorynenko Dmytro, Kosmach Oleksandr — Information and measuring complex for determination of power consumption of machine tools asynchronous motors.
12. Khimicheva Hanna, Kuryliak Valentyna — The increase of resources of thrust and radial bearings on the basis of qualimetrical approach.
13. Gusarev Vladimir, Yarovoy Yuriy — Energy criteria in mechanical engineering technology.
14. Kosmach Oleksandr, Tovstukha Oleksandr — Study of devices kinematic for mechanical engineering and woodworking in solidworks.
15. Mikhailov Mikhail — Optimization of machine tools with cnc storage capacity for flexible manufacturing systems.
16. Onishchuk Sergеy, Tulupov Vladimir, Mirantsov Sergеy — New approaches in the design and technological preparation of products manufacture, considering the life cycle.
17. Sapon Serhii — The research of a machining accuracy on turning lathe with spindle on hydrostatic bearings.
18. Stepanenko Oleksandr, Manzhola Maryna, Kuznetsov Yurii — Research of the effect of configurations of desktop cnc milling machines on the quality of processing parts.
19. Pugach Ruslan — Modification of machine elements surface for obtaining high tribological characteristics.
20. Yukhymchuk Volodymyr — Approaches to optimize the cutting tool selection for holes machining.
21. Maydanyuk Serhii — Determination of the contact angle of cut-off milling cutters with alternate teeth.

22. Zhyhuts Yurii — The thermit welding of cast irons.

23. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Kharchenko Maryna — The technology of creating embedded software models of business-processes based on their xml descriptions.
24. Tochilin Sergey — Performance analysis of soap and restful java web services for data search in postgresql dbms.
25. Treityak Viacheslav — Technology of data exchange between users of different integrated automated systems of production purposes.
26. Kozіakov Serhii — Experimental approbation of management subsystem of motivation of it specialists in the production environment.
27. Sossa Bohdan — Сomparative estimation of the accuracy of point-based targets coordinates, obtained with terrestrial laser scanning.
28. Topal Artur, Serhiienko Oleksandr, Vysloukh Serhii — Solving problems of technological preproduction by methods of neural networks.

29. Bilokin Svitlana, Bondarenko Мaksym, Bondarenko Yuliia, Antoniuk Viktor — Research of physical characteristics of dielectric surfaces by means of diagnostic stand on the base of atomic-force microscope.
30. Zaytsev Roman, Kirichenko Mikhail — The development of the semiconductor devices parameters automation measurement system.
31. Ivanets Serhii, Krasnozhon Oleksii — Obtaining of an analytical description of the control surface for the system tracking maximum power point of a photovoltaic cell.

32. Semko Viktor — Simulation of atmospheric boundary turbulence.

33. Deinychenko Hryhorii, Zolotukhina Inna, Fedak Viktoriia — Research of technological properties of buttermilk uv-derivatives.
34. Vezhlivtseva Svitlana — The microbiological study of the state of new soft margarines of high biological value.
35. Zaleta Olha — Sequence modeling of technological machine functioning for packing of bulk substances.
36. Myskiv Yevstakhii, Kopynets Zoіa, Maievskyi Volodymyr — Grounding of using equipment with knife cutterblock and spiral location of knife blades.
37. Mykhailov Volodymyr, Mykhailov Serhii — Evaluation of the impact of the drum ridges on the machine wash quality.
38. Cheliabiieva Viktoriia, Savchenko Olesia, Syza Olha — Influence of technological factors on the content of vitamin с in fruit juices.