ISSN 2225-7551

№4 (69), 2013 Technical series

1. Baliunov Oleksii — Sum results of investigation of a elastic state of flexible panel in a magnetic field.
2. Kosmach Oleksandr — Cluster analysis of acoustic emission signals parameters in friction of composite materials surfaces.
3. Volik V.S., Chernikov B.I. — Geometry of light reflection on technical forms surfaces.
4. Horbatko O.O. — Modeling of twill-structure of reinforcement for plain woven glass fibre/epoxy resin textile composite.

5. Amelin M.Y., Kotylo O.V., Malyhin B.V. — Improvement of hydrotransport reliability by magnetic treatment in the conditions of limited wear.
6. Fedorynenko Dmytro — Optimization of design of high-speed hydrostatic bearings of adjustable type.
7. Mikhailov Mikhail — Influence of statistical parameters of removable many-sided plastins on pin tensions with the corps of collapsible instrument.
8. Kalchenko D.V., Podzolkin I.O., Kyianets A.P. — The research of two leash double-sided friction over details at the round grinding of step shafts.

9. Pentegov I.V., Maksimov S.Y., Lyakhovaya I.V., Sydorets V.M., Rymar S.V. — Melting-down of the coated welding electrode at a underwater arc welding.
10. Haievskyi O.A., Strelenko N.M., Kovalenko V.L. — Research of influence of welding gumboils and their components on the stability of arc digit existence.
11. Polovetskyi Y.V., Zavalna І.V., Novomlynets O.O. — The features of production of permanent connections for making thermoelements.
12. Oleksiienko S.V., Kulykovskyi R.A., Martynenko V.A. — Influence of electromigration on diffusion kinetics in the system al-si-al.
13. Prokhorenko V.M., Gayevskiy V.O. — Calculation of probability of implementation of requirements to porosity for the single area of the weld-fabricated guy-sutures.

14. Moyseyenko O.P., Lytvynov Vitaliy — Svm in the classification of multilingual texts.
15. Verveyko A.I. — Virtual meter of the function of short-term instability frequency.
16. Vitiuk D.S., Vorobiov V.V., Pikh S.V., Volokyta A.M. — The investigation of the efficiency of private cloud-systems for calculation the scorecard coefficient.
17. Mukhin V.E. — Structural organization of the router for the multichannel computer systems.
18. Nikitenko E.V. — Software system of troubleshooting in complex electronic devices.
19. Sienko S.O., Rohovenko A.I. — Features of using generator of source codes on hardware description language.
20. Grigoryev K.M. — Methods of guaranteed delivery of high quality video signals.
21. Drozd O.P., Tevkun M.V., Posadska I.S., Kazymyr Volodymyr — Methods of data collection to evaluate the quality of distance learning system.
22. Prila O.A. — The algorithm of job scheduling in grid environment based on the dynamic programming method.

23. Skorobogatova V.I., Kulik Bohdan — The peculiarities of the mode of operations of active electric network with regard to the reactive component of power.
24. Marchenko A.A., Khomenko O.V., Yandulskyi O.S. — The analysis of the modes of electrical networks work with distributed generation ses.
25. Yershov R.D., Revko Anatolii, Naumov D.O. — Energy efficiency analizyng in distributed power systems by dint of combined algorithm which is a part of embedded system.
26. Stepanchuk S.M., Hordiienko V.V., Horodniy O.M. — Comparison of energy efficiency in parallel kvazirezonans pulse converters that switch at zero currents.

27. Dudla I.A. — The components of technical regulation system for estimating jewelery in ukraine.
28. Bolotov Maksym — Analytical report of main causes and consequences of accidents of buildings and structures on the territory of ukraine for the past five years.
29. Cherednikova O.O., Нavrylenko N.І., Zhariy Y.V. — The management peculiarities of substandard products risk emergence.
30. Koval Т.V. — Mathematical model of stress state of the end zone of timber in the process of drying.
31. Marchenko N.V. — Features of technology of sawing of wood on radial saw-timbers.
32. Medvedkova I.I. — Some peculiarities of mathematical modelling of the process of drying of cultivated mushrooms.
33. Lukomskyi Y.A., Molokanova L.V. — Chopped semi-meat mineral composition changes in raw material variation.
34. Merezhko N.V., Otroshko V.A. — Improving of children’s footwear shape stability.