ISSN 2225-7551

№2 (73), 2014 Technical series

1. Koval V.I., Badai M.V. — Research on scientific activity of the chernihiv region scientist-mechanics.
2. Chasov D.P. — Influence of aoa of extra blades on the driving force of a screw conveyor.

3. Vorobyova M.I., Pivovarov O.A. — Formation of the colloid silver nanoparticles from aqueous solutions agno3 under the influence of the contact nonequilibrium plasma.
4. Gorbenko Petr, Kovtun Anatoliy, Rogoza Аleksandr, Sholomiy Yuriy — The research into radiational defects in high purity kcl crystals and kcl crystals with li+ and na+ admixture.
5. Yeroshenko А.М., Kremchanin Ye.M. — Programming electrical discharge machining in the environment delcam.
6. Vorobiova V.I., Chyhyrynets O.E., Fatieiev Yu.F. — Synergistic influence of nitrogen organic compounds on the inhibitor effectiveness of the rape-cake extract.
7. Komakha Volodymyr — Rheological properties of aqueous suspension of calcium carbonate of modified surfactants.
8. Trus I.M., Маkаrеnkо І.M., Shabliy T.O. — Desalination of mine water with high hardness while using electrodialysis.

9. Kalchenko Vitaliy, Sliednikova Еlena, Kalchenko D.V., Muzychka D.G. — 3d-modeling of tools and forming while grinding faces of indexable rectangular plates in oriented circle.
10. Zhariy Y.V., Veremei Gennadiy — The mathematical model for the flaw detecting process of the overhauled valve-seat surfaces in the valve timing gear.
11. Kosmach Oleksandr — Statistical characteristics of distribution of model acoustic emission signals at changes of rotational speed of friction unit of composite materials.
12. Mishchenko M.V., Pasov Hennadii — Emergency repair of diesel gas-544 and its modifications in field in connection with design flaws.
13. Sapon Serhii — The simulation of trajectories of spindle with adjustable hydrostatic bearings.
14. Khomenko I.M. — On the construction of external speed characteristic of a car engine by calculation method.

15. Bolotov Maksym, Rudenko M.M. — Application of glow discharge with hollow cathode in processes of surface treatment of metals (review).
16. Novomlynets O.O., Oleksiienko S.V., Zavalna І.V., Polovetskyi Y.V. — High-precision electrocontact spot welding of metallic materials.

17. Kosolap А.I., Dovgopolaya A.O. — Spherical clustering of data.
18. Lytvynov Vitaliy, Moyseyenko O.P. — The formation of clusters at work with non-hierarchical methods of cluster analysis.
19. Vavilenkova A.I. — Analysis of the methods of searching synonyms in electronic documents.
20. Humen M.B., Humen Т.F. — Data transmission in telemetry systems using mesh lite technology.
21. Zaitsev S.V. — A mathematical model of fuzzy decoding of turbocodes.
22. Mekhed D.B. — Data protection on the enterprise.
23. Tkach Yu.M. — Construction of fuzzy cognitive maps for evaluation of the information risks of a higher education institution.
24. Nazaruk V.D. — Usage of multifrequency code designs without coincidence of time-frequency elements for building of a physical level of wireless systems.
25. Zadorozhniy A.O. — Classification and methods for resolutions of indeterminacies in the models created with inductive and deductive approaches.
26. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Mokrohuz A.O. — Information technologies of biometric security for mobile devices.

27. Alekseevskiy D.G., Burova А.O., Burov A.M., Kulakov S.O. — Determination of power conversion coefficient of the electromechanical system of wind power plant with an aerodynamic multiplication.
28. Ivanets Serhii, Krasnozhon Oleksii — The using of fuzzy logic for development of photovoltaic maximum power point tracking systems.

29. Dudla I.A., Sobol O.M., Yakovenko A.M. — Analysis of consumer demands for woolen cloth.
30. Herasymenko T.M., Ladaniuk A.P. — Mathematical modelling of drying malt as an object of temperature and humidity control.
31. Otroshko V.A., Merezhko N.V. — Assessment of conformity of children’s footwear.
32. Pobedash M.M., Sydorenko O.V. — Ways of stabilization of the consumer properties of fish preserves based on small herring fish.

33. Zatserkovnyi V.I., Lysetskyi Yu.M., Syvyk D.O., Kryvoberets S.V. — The use of geographic information technologies in the sanitary-hygienic monitoring of areas (on the example of chernihiv region).
34. Ivashchenko T.G., Ince I.D. — Ecological aspects of phosphogypsum utilization technologies.
35. Tairova T.M. — Mathematical simulation of the indexes of evaluation of occupational injuries in the coal industry.
36. Krupko Vitalii — Analisis of possibilities of treatment facilities sludge disposal.
37. Liniuchev O.G., Miroshnychenko Yu.S., Liniucheva O.V., Homelya M.D. — Hardware and technical support for determination of the level of chlorine in air.